Diane's Story


Diane is a typical student from Towson University.  She plans to graduate in two more semesters.  She spends her time attending classes, at her apartment, and studying.  Diane also works part time at a marketing position.


On weekends she loves to hang out with her friends and enjoys dressing a little nicer than she does for a regular school day.  She would love to learn makeup and skincare tricks that she can use when she goes out and on school days.  


When she tries to do her makeup she gets very frustrated.  “I would love to wear eye shadow but every time I put it on, it just looks like a big blob.”  “Eye liner always turns out to be a big mess.  I put the liner on and when I open my eyes I have this big space between my lashes and the liner.  It just looks ridiculous!”  Diane avoided lip products all together.  “My lips are just too thin and the things out there to make lips look fuller taste terrible and usually sting my lips.” She also said "I hate when people say I look tired when I am not."


Diane also had no idea why she should use a toner everyday, which was a surprise since clearing up the blackheads on her nose was one of her first concerns regarding her skin and its condition. 


Getting Diane’s skin in its best shape was not very difficult since, overall, her skin was very clear.  She did have oily areas and her nose had some blackheads on it.  Diane told us she was using a wash daily that contained soap and a pore cleansing scrub that was much too strong for her skin.


Here is what Diane needed to look this fantastic for both school and evenings out with her friends:


1. On Diane, we used a more gentle, water soluble cleanser for oily skin which should be used every day.  This was followed with a toner that has a low dose of alpha hydroxy to slough off surface dead skin, help with the blackhead problem, and prepare her skin for her day time moisturizer


We suggest that Diane discontinue using the cleansing scrub that is much too strong for her face.  Our scrub is more gentle and should be used weekly followed by a mask to close the pores.  Using a scrub too often activates the oil glands, making Diane feel initially clean.  Later, the oils would come right back!  Before her makeup application, we used an oil control matifying gel to act as a blotter between her skin and her makeup.


2. Now on to her new makeup.  As hard as it is to believe, in this after photo, Diane has no foundation on her skin.  Her skin looks so much clearer because her blemishes have been softly covered.  Next, a bronzer mosaic (a bronze product containing several different values of bronze colors) has been gently brushed over her entire face with a big powder brush


The same product was used for a blush and swept across her cheekbones.  Again, with different colors from the same compact, the hues were used for her eye shadows.  Diane learned how to apply the right shades in the correct areas and she was thrilled as she learned that she could use one single product for virtually her whole face.


Learning how to apply her eyeliner as if she was actually coloring on her lashes corrected the “space” problem she used to have.  She also found out that with a liner brush, she could go into her bronze mosaic and use it as a liner, wet or dry.


As far as her lips, Diane tried a lip plumper that not only had a pleasant taste and did not sting, but worked great and the soft colored lip gloss perked her lips ups even more.  We used our natural brow pencil to finish off her new look.


Diane found that it would be so much easier than she ever imagined to get the look she always dreamed of!