Elizabeth’s Makeover



Elizabeth just graduated from Towson University in December and began working as an apprentice in a hair salon.  Since she has been exposed to chemicals on a daily basis she has found that her skin began breaking out, especially under her chin.  Her normally clear skin she said became suddenly blotchy.


She wanted to have a more dramatic look, since she was now in the beauty business but she did not want to spend more time or money to accomplish a more sophisticated professional look.


First, we used a cleanser for her combination dry and oily skin.  Next, we applied the toner to prepare her skin for the moisturizer and makeup.  She new that she should never apply makeup directly on her skin without a moisturizer first.  Her skin immediately felt smooth, fresh and dry.


Then, we started with the makeup.  We showed Elizabeth that she did not need all of that makeup that she was accustomed to wearing.  We showed her that she did not need the foundation at all; that just applying our miracle eye crème, concealer and, gel  works great!  We put the cream under her eyes where she was dark and on her blemishes as well.  We applied it sparingly so it just blended right into her own natural skin coloring. 


Elizabeth told us that she really enjoys being tan but feels pale.  Since she is unable to go to the beach as frequently as she would like,  we applied some bronze mosaic gently on the areas that would normally be hit by natural sunlight. 


After we put berry gloss over our clear lip plumper and then applied the berry mosaic blush, she was all ready for the navy eye - liner was a great contrast to the bronze shadows we used and really made her eyes pop!